Previous project as part of the AA Visiting School ‘Marking the Forest’ and ‘Marking the City’ :

1 3c The ”Amplifier”, explores the possibilities of enhancing and amplifying aspects of the forest that may not have been initially apparent. The structure, built using timber from the forest, acts as a passage into the forest, taking visitors from a clearly laid gravel path into the wild beyond.
“Oculus and Camera Obscura” – a structure that is made using a simple 2×4 lumber frame clad internally and externally with Douglas fir veneer from Rosoboro Lumber. Measuring 8ft in diameter and 15 ft tall, it exploits the foreground, distant and sky views of the South Ridge and valley views beyond.
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Previous projects by workshop tutors:

POP-TECH_Page_209.tiff EV105_shade-structures-2a “Political Ply” by Jason Griffiths explores methods of re-purposing existing materials in the formation of a temporary arid-zone shade structure. The project is a modular shade structure that is designed for arid zone environments and incorporates an evaporative cooling mechanism.
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Previous projects as part of other AA Visiting Schools:

“Urban Dwelling Prototypes” – Produced during a 10 day workshop hosted by University of the Witswatersrand, the project explored current digital design and fabrication technologies, as well as their implementation within the challenging context of Johannesburg. Two full-scale prototypes, exhibited in front of the Architecture building, demonstrated the idea of ‘flat packed intelligence’ coded into the designs using environmental and social performative scripting, local CNC production and assembly without necessity for specialised skills or equipment.
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joburg2011_exploded_axo joburg_cover1

0661 044-682x1024 MakeLab – ”G-Cloud” – a project transforming a small clearing in the Hooke Park forest into a digital arena for simultaneous scanning and building. Movements of people through the site were monitored, and translated to a triangulated cellular structure that defines the perimeters of movement pathways. Higher intensities of activity were translated into a more subdivided triangulated structure, allowing the articulation of differences in movement over time.
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Previous workshop in Chengdu:

“Shifting Scales workshop ” – Held in Chengdu, China in October 2014, the event was sponsored by the Ibox and included 60 students from various schools around China.

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